Alexander Kardashian 

2015 WKA  Multiple National Champion

Pro X30 and Pro Leopard Senior

Pictured with Top Kart USA 2015 Manufacturers Cup 

AMK Race Products was founded in April, 2015 by the father/son (a.k.a. mechanic/driver) team of Chris and Alexander Kardashian.  

Anyone who has ever raced knows that racing is more than a part of life; it is a way of life.  As a young child lying in a hospital bed watching the Indy 500, Chris dreamed of becoming a racecar driver.  Skip Barber, Bondurant, Indy Car tests, motorcycle racing, Porsche Club Racing, go-kart racing...all sustain Chris’ need for speed.  Luckily, Alexander shares his father’s passion for speed and has been navigating all-things-fast since 3 years of age.  

Since beginning his racing career at the age of 7, Alexander has won 14 Championships in 9 years with Chris tuning his kart, delivering mechanical support, and providing coaching along the way. Thousands of laps and hundreds of hours on dozens of tracks have taught both Alexander and Chris a thing or two about karting.  

Chris and Alexander’s accolades are numerous, but pale in comparison to their love of the sport of karting and their desire to share it with others.  They look forward to making karting a way of life for you.

AMK Race Products....uniquely qualified to make the most of your racing experience.  Here's the proof:

2017 Route 66 Yamaha Senior Champion

2017 NRKA Class Champion - KPV Senior

2016 NRKA Hall of Fame Inductee

2016 NRKA Class Champion - KPV Senior

2015 WKA Class Champion - Pro X30 Senior

2015 WKA Class Champion - Pro Leopard Senior

2015 NRKA Class Champion - KPV  Senior

2015 NRKA Class Champion - World Formula Open

2015 NRKA Driver of the Year

2014 WKA Class Champion - Komet Junior

2014 NRKA Class Champion - SKC Outlaw

2014 NRKA Class Champion - KPV Senior

2014 NRKA Driver of the Year

2013 NRKA Class Champion - KPV Junior

2012 NRKA Class  Champion - KPV Junior

2011 NRKA Class Champion - TaG Cadet

2011 NRKA Mechanic of the Year

2010 NRKA Class Champion - TaG Cadet

2009 NRKA Class Champion - TaG Cadet

2009 2-Cycle NRKA Driver of the Year

2008 NRKA Class Champion - TaG Cadet

2007 NRKA Class Champion - TaG Cadet

Chris and Alexander

2015 WKA Awards