So what's in a name?  The Blue Eagle of previous years has become the SR28.1 in 2019.  Next year and in subsequent years, the chassis will be renamed so that you, the consumer, will always know when Top Kart produced the chassis that you are putting on the podium.

Chassis Tubing: 28mm    Wheelbase: 950mm        Axle: 30mm              Spindle: D.17 / 10.5°
Chain Guard: Standard Full 360 Guard                 Seat: IMAF Silver             Brake System: Hydraulic Style

Rear Bumper: CIK - 1 piece      Wheels: Magnesium Low Volume 132/132        Front Hubs: Magnesium L.72
Rear Hubs: Magnesium L.35

​​Note: Chassis comes as a complete roller ~ tires are not included.

The Top Kart SR28.2 chassis is specifically designed for the young and aspiring cadet sportsman racer. Whether you are entering into karting or are an advanced driver, the SR28.2's technologically advanced frame design puts this chassis on top of the timing charts in all cadet categories: Yamaha, Comer, Mini Rok, and KPP to name a few. With a variety of adjustments available to the chassis, you can easily tune it to adapt to all track and racing conditions. Competitive pricing, coupled with our great services, will be sure to put you and your Top Kart chassis on the podium!