Kiara Stai - 1st Place Briggs 206 Junior

Nathan Trapp - 2nd Place Briggs 206 Junior

Pierce Sonderup - 4th Place Briggs 206 Junior

Tyler Trapp - 6th Place Briggs 206 Junior

Jason Eddy - 1st Place Briggs 206 Sportsman

Ben Walton - 4th Place Briggs 206 Senior

Jake Anderson - 5th Place Briggs 206 Senior

Nathan Trapp - 1st Place KPV 100

Randy Klimek - 1st Place World Formula Masters

Chris Fleury - 3rd Place World Formula Masters

Tom Boehland - 6th Place World Formula Masters

Tom Boehland - 3rd Place SKC Outlaw

Jeff Kline - 1st Place Briggs 206 Masters ~ Midwest Karting Association ~ Eau Claire,


Congratulations to  AMK/Top Kart Drivers in a very successful 2018 racing year at the Stockholm Karting Center and the SKC Racing Series. You make the Blue look good! 

Catch all of the SKC Racing Series 2019 Racing Highlights Here!

SKC Racing Series Races are held at Stockholm Karting Center located in Cokato, MN.