SKC Series Racing Schedule

SKC Points Race #1 Saturday - May 4th

SKC Points Race #2 Sunday - May 5th

SKC Points Race #3 Saturday - May 18th

SKC Points Race #4 Sunday - May 19th

SKC Points Race #5 Saturday - June 8th
SKC Points Race #6 Sunday - June 9th
SKC Points Race #7 Saturday - June 29th
SKC Points Race #8 Sunday - June 30th
SKC Points Race #9 Saturday  - July 13th
SKC Points Race #10 Sunday - July 14th
SKC Points Race #11 Saturday - July 27th
SKC Points Race #12 Sunday - July 28th
SKC Points Race #13 Saturday - August 10th

SKC Points Race #14 Sunday - August 11th
SKC Points Race #15 and #16 Saturday - August 24th
SKC Points Race # 17 Saturday - September 14th
SKC Points Race # 18 Sunday - September 15th
Showdown at Stockholm - Prefinal...Saturday - September 28th

Showdown at Stockholm - Final....Sunday - September 29th

Practice begins @ 10:00am

Races begin @ 12:00pm

Best 17 of 19 races count towards season championship

Want to race without the hassle of transporting your equipment and making sure that all of the logistics are covered?  If you answered "yes", then our "Arrive and Drive" program is for you.  

It's simple:

Step 1: Let us know which race weekend you will be competing

Step 2: Which Class do you want to Race in? (LO 206, World Formula, KPV)

Step 3:  Arrive

Step 4:  Drive

From our Arrive and Drive Customers:

"My son had a blast at the races.  He learned a lot from Chris and Alexander.  He admires Alexander's aggression and skill."

 AMK Arrive and Drive Program Information

AMK Race Products is uniquely qualified to make the most of your karting experience.  AMK’s Arrive and Drive program couples race-proven winning equipment with technical assistance provided by a national champion driver and mechanic team to deliver the components you need to succeed.  Specializing in 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle categories, AMK Race Products can accommodate drivers from ages 11 and up.

Below you will find details targeted for racing at Stockholm Karting Center in Cokato, MN.  Enjoy the easy race experience of showing up and putting your time in behind the wheel without wrenching away in the pits.  AMK’s Arrive and Drive program gives that flexibility by providing you a race-trimmed kart package and support personnel for race event weekends.

AMK Race Products’ Arrive and Drive Program

  • Race prepped Top Kart Chassis with appropriate tuned engine package
  • Tunable spares set for dialing in the kart to the drier’s needs (axles, wheels, hubs, gears, etc.)
  • Lightly used race tire allotment which meet technical regulations
  • MyChron Data Acquisition for lap times
  • Consumables such as chains, lubes, cleaners, rags, race fuel, etc.
  • All engine maintenance
  • Trackside staff for race day support
  • Race prep, general maintenance, and service of kart

AMK Race Products’ Arrive and Drive Program

  • Track Fees (Insurance Fees, Race Entry Fees, etc.)
  • Crash damages or off-track damages
  • Safety equipment (Suit, Helmet, Gloves, Neck Collar, Rib/Chest Protector, etc.)

AMK Race Products’ Arrive and Drive Program

  • Call for pricing for LO 206 4-cycle class, World Formula 4-cycle class and KPV 2-cycle class
  • PLUS $500.00 Damage Deposit*

* The damage deposit is a fee that covers most typical minor repairs from racing incidents.  It will be returned at the conclusion of the event less any repair and/or replacement costs.  Arrive and Drive participants are responsible for the cost of all race damages.

Arrive and Drive