CHASSIS DETAILS
Chassis Tubing: 25mm     Wheelbase: 770mm      Axle: 30mm      Spindle: D.17 / 10.5°
               Front Hubs: 57mm Magnesium   Rear Hubs:  Aluminum L.30

            Chain Guard: Partial 360 Style         Seat: IMAF Kid Kart

                     Brake System: Mechanical Style   Wheels: Magnesium Low Volume 132/132   

Rear Bumper: CIK Cadet Adjustable

NOTES:  Engine Mount is included.  Comer C51 or Honda Engine must be purchased separately.

​​Chassis comes as a complete roller ~ tires are not included.


Kid Kart ~ Be the Fastest Kid on the Block!

This is just the beginning.

The Top Kart Kid Kart chassis has been designed carefully to fulfill the dreams of every young racer and to nurture their "need for speed", passion, and love for motorsports. As these young drivers are the foundation of karting, Top Kart has produced a one-of-a-kind outstanding chassis with sights on the checkered flag and to cross the finish line leading the field. The Top Kart Kid Kart is the best chassis money can buy featuring a variety of adjustments for easy tuning to adapt to all track and racing conditions. Now is the time to be the fastest kid on the track!