Stockholm Karting Center Track 

AMK Speed Clinic

AMK Speed Clinic focuses on driver techniques that can be used at any race track to improve lap times and consistency by emphasizing the keys to winning:

  1. Mental Focus
  2. Speed
  3. Lap Consistency
  4. Kart Tuning
  5. Driver Talent
  6. A little bit of luck

​We believe you make your own luck through proper preparation and focus on the fundamentals.  If you bring the talent, AMK will help with the rest.  

Topics Included in the Speed Clinic:

  • Understanding difference between Increasing and Decreasing Radius Corners
  • Turn In
  • Apex
  • Track Out
  • Steering Input
  • Focal Points
  • Threshold Braking

​If you are interested in attending a Speed Clinic, please complete the following form:  (Note: Currently our Speed Clinics are available for Top Kart racers and will be held at the Stockholm Karting Center in Cokato, MN at dates to be determined.)