Brandon Lemke and Jordan Bachmeyer

WKA Daytona - December 28 to 30 



January 10, 2018

CONCORD, NC - The WKA Board of Trustees and Executive Committee is pleased to announce the addition of the two newly elected members to the Board of Trustees along with ther 2- and 4- cycle representatives.

  District 1                                                           District 10

Trustee: Chris Kardashian                               Trustee: Art Verlengiere     

2- Cycle Rep: Jim Russell Jr.                              2-Cycle Rep: Lloyd Mack

4-Cycle Rep: Chris Slinden                               4-Cycle Rep: Rod Verlengiere

We would like to thank all of you who expressed an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees and also those who voted in the election.

~ World Karting Association 

Pesek and Kardashian Getting Jacked

     No snow, no sleet, nor freezing temperatures, could keep us from making our annual Christmas vacation trek to Daytona Beach, Florida to kick off the 2018 WKA Karting Season.  With new canopies in tow, AMK Race Products had 3 drivers and 4 karts under our tent representing "the Blue" in the Yamaha Senior and IAME Senior classes.  Alexander Kardashian, Nate Dean, and Carter Pease all competed in Yamaha Senior with Alexander pulling double duty in IAME Senior.  Sharing data, analyzing each other's driving techniques, and debriefing with each other after sessions made the difference in on-track performance.  On Saturday, the podium we were working toward happened:  1, 2, 3 AMK Race Products/Top Kart.  Alexander swept the weekend in Yamaha with a kart that he described as "an honor" to drive because it was set up so well by tuners Chris Slinden and Chris Kardashian.  Alexander also had solid performances in IAME Senior with two Top 10 (4th and 8th place) finishes in a field of 42 talented racers.  

     Such a wonderful way to kick off the WKA ManCup Season.  Thank you to everyone involved in making it happen and congratulations to Alexander, Nate, and Carter on your podium finishes.